Postplacement #3


Today was the visit from our social worker to do Jude’s 3rd postplacement report.



Jude’s next and final postplacement visit will be done in conjunction with Gabriel’s first.

I sit here and am astounded that we are at this point with Jude’s adoption. In 6 months time it will be completely finished. Just Wow.

We are still awaiting a court date for Gabriel. We learned last week that the judge assigned to her case has been on vacation and is not scheduled to return until October 1. We have be assured that we should receive a quick court date after that time.

In the meantime, Jude has started Pre-K.

WP_20150908_010 WP_20150908_007 WP_20150908_003

Her first week of school was all about VEGETABLES!!!


Here she is painting Pumpkins that we made from home-made playdough.

During Vegetable week we made a special trip to the grocery store where we made it a point to stop and look at ALL the vegetables. After telling Jude that she could pick out anyone to try at home, she selected some purple potatoes. They were a hit!

The week we are working mostly on things that relate to dairy products. We have been reading a few books about milk (one focuses on cow milk and the other on goat milk). Today we made our own butter.

WP_20150920_003 WP_20150920_004 WP_20150920_005 WP_20150920_006 WP_20150920_007 WP_20150920_011

This was actually not a difficult activity at all. It took 15 minutes from start to finish (which is about Jude’s attention span). Only required a pint of whipping cream and some salt.

And somehow with Jude’s first two weeks of homeschooling I have become crafty. I have absolutely no idea how that happened only to say that I am following the directions in her curriculum and am so far stunned that the results are not worthy of “Pinterest Fail.”

Not to mention: Jude is having a blast! And, yeah, I am too.


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  1. Would you be willing to email with a family interested in Eden about your experience with this particular kind of scoliosis? And maybe also ease their fears a bit about developmental delays? I’d love to put you in touch with them.

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