Adopting again


We are adopting again.

No. I’m not crazy. Actually I might be crazy. Screw it, I’m crazy.

Here’s what happened.

Last month a family member of Jude’s speech therapist gave birth. Jude and Gabriel were able to meet the newborn when she (It’s a girl) was a few days old. The baby is being relinquished for private adoption. The girls have bonded so when everything is in order in the next month or so she will be moving in with us.

Yeah. It’s a puppy. (Had you going there for a minute)

I am NOT a dog person. As a small child I was terrorized by a neighbor’s dog and that kinda stuff lingers with you whether you want it to or not. I had dogs growing up. They were OK. But the girls have both fallen in love with this puppy. It’s been going on long enough that it isn’t a passing fad. I don’t have the fortitude to be breaking preschoolers hearts like this especially when we have just finally turned the corner with Gabriel and are seeing a lot of the orphanage behaviors disappear and a new personality form in its place. The rough and violent child from November is now extremely gentle and careful with animals.

So a puppy. (I really am not the pushover that it looks like).

And their enthusiasm is infectious. I am excited about the dog too.

Now I just have to explain our new family member to the cats. If I never write again they plotted and carried out a very clever assassination. Think: death by impalement on Legos. The brown tabby is the mastermind.

Wish us luck in agreeing on a name. The girls are naming her however I have veto power. So far Purple, Pizza, Car seat, Black, and Jude Katherine Alawei have been rejected and sent back to committee (although I admittedly almost acquiesced to Car seat).


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    • I am on a hiatus from blogging. Focusing on the kids. They are both doing exceptionally well.
      Hiatus due to work and full staffing starts Halloween. Once I am not telecommuting after they are in bed I will pick up the blog again. I do miss it.

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