We got Gabriel’s certificate of citizenship on February 22. Which was almost exactly when I predicted it would come. Yeah!

Jude and I had an afternoon of errands at the first of this month so we applied for Gabriel’s social security number. It came in the mail less than a week later (Big Yeah!)

That same day we went to probate court and obtained the needed documents for Gabriel’s Maine Foreign Adoption Recognition. Sidebar story: they have completely redone the courthouse since we were there for her re-adoption last year. We initially went in the wrong entrance and through security (turns out we didn’t have to). Jude thought we were at the airport. Once she got into the ginormous granite lobby she (without any warning) screamed “Diabetes!” at the top of her lungs (and it echoed) and startled 10-15 citizens in line trying to pay various fines. Apparently, according to the security guard, “Diabetes!” was a first for him. We found our way to probate without causing any further civil disturbances.

Those documents have now been filled out, notarized, and my Mom is going to file them in Probate court for us tomorrow (when we should get assigned a hearing for her Foreign adoption recognition which acts EXACTLY like a readoption in Maine). Because I am still slightly mortified and the thought of being recognized as the women with the “Diabetes!” child.

Jude’s final postplacement visit happened on March 6th (as did Gabriel’s first). I am slightly in awe at the fact that I am only one more piece of paperwork away from being completely and utterly done with the requirements related to the process of adopting Jude.

The homestudy agency that I have used since I started this process (and who incidentally also led me through the very difficult process of the reunification of my last foster daughter with her mother) is closing next month. Our caseworker Nancy, is also done as of next month, choosing not to continue on with her cases. After some discussion with St. Andre’s I have decided to sign on with The Maine Children’s Home for Little Wanderer’s for our final 3 postplacement visits. I feel that this is a solid decision for us at this time.

What’s next?

Well, the postplacement reports are still being written and finalized. Those will go out in early April.

I will transfer Gabriel’s adoption file to The Maine Children’s Home (Jude’s will be closed).

We await the court hearing for Gabriel’s Maine adoption recognition and roughly a month after that we should receive a copy of her birth certificate as issued by the State of Maine.

I need to apply for Gabriel’s USA passport very soon thereafter as we are travelling to Canada for our summer vacation.

Oh, and after heated debate we have come to a naming decision: Meet Rosie

20160314_111036 (2)

She should be joining us formally in 3-4 weeks (although the girls visit her 3 times a week now).