Changes for Momma


I have a new job.

I start in 2 weeks.

I am very excited about my new job which will have me doing Nursing Care Management in an Occupational Health setting.

The position is 29 minutes commute from my house, so no big moves or anything. It will allow me to reorganize time so I get to see the girls more each day. No weekends. No holidays. Which is about the most premium benefit a nursing position can boast. It comes with a lot of other great benefits and seems like it will be a perfect match with our lives. The best part is that I don’t have to leave my current company. It the great scheme of things it ended up being an elaborate department transfer. No breaks in medical, dental, or other coverage.

Leaving the current job will not be easy. I have so many friends there. I enjoy what I do. It wasn’t an easy decision and it ultimately came down to what is better for the girls and I. The new job is a better fit.

I found out earlier this week that after 75 years our beloved homestudy agency is shutting it’s doors in April. Although I have no confirmation yet, they should be able to wrap up Jude’s final postplacement report and tackle Gabriel’s first. They have promised us a comprehensive plan to address Gabriel’s remaining postplacement reports, which will not be completed until Fall of next year.

The universe has finally made it clear to me why Gabriel came along when she did. It seemed so terribly soon after Jude’s adoption, but there was no question that she was THE ONE. But, if this had happened before we had committed to a second child…Jude 100% would have been the only adoption. If this had happened mid-process for Gabriel I probably would have had a stroke (for those who have lost count this makes agency #3 to tank since I started).

I got my glasses earlier this week. And VISION. I forgot. I used to be able to see all this stuff when I was a kid. It has taken some getting used to.

Last weekend I tried out my Christmas present in the living room: An instant cabin tent for camping. Set it up and tore it down (and was able to get it back in the bag). Not to brag, but several years of summer camp and family camping has made me a bit of a tent set-up expert. This is going to take about 3 minutes. By myself. It is a gift to hassle-free camping. I can’t wait until it isn’t snowing because I want to try it out for real.

I ripped my last pair of jeans today. My Mom is going to help me shop for clothes. I have literally bought next to no clothing for myself since starting this adoption process. The situation has now become desperate. It is complicated by the fact that despite listening to fashion advice I have extremely poor dressing skills. I might not even be able to match colors and patterns, not sure. Goodwill does not help the impaired dresser. It just perpetuates the problem.

I also need a haircut. The last one was in the summertime. I am not skilled enough to cut my own hair.

The adventure continues…



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