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Hundreds of times a year I have the privilege to peek into the lives of other adopting families as they come home with new children in tow.
Tomorrow this was supposed to have happened for the Quesenberry family. Today, the unthinkable happened. Only one parent will be coming home and two boys have lost a father.
As adopting parents we are prepared for the possibility of illness during pickup trip. There has been the rare tragic occasion when a child has simply been too ill. You don’t prepare for this.
Everyone is helping in any way possible. If you can help Natalie and her sons please donate. Please share.


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  1. This is so sad. May I ask what happened? I don’t mean to be nosy, but my husband and I will hopefully be traveling to pick up our child this year, and because my husband has an auto-immune illness, I’m terrified of him picking up something and becoming sick on our trip. Perhaps the Quesenberry’s sad story can help others learn and prevent similar outcomes.

    • I too have an auto immune illness. I was heavily vaccinated prior to traveling and travelled with antibiotics. Something happened in Bulgaria each time: Broken ankle, shingles, pneumonia, then bronchitis. This is not what happened here. Although specifics aren’t known a previously healthy person had a sudden, catastrophic and fatal medical event. His wife is a nurse. It appears right now to have been something you simply can’t plan for.

      • Thank you for the information. So glad you were prepared and recovered from your travels! How sad for the Quesenberrys, though. My thoughts are with her and those sweet boys.

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