I have been working towards my Master’s of Science in Nursing. Partially because I’m not getting any younger, partially because I’m not being punished by adoption stuff anymore so why-the-hell-not, but mostly because it is an all around good idea for me to move up from my current associate’s degree (both for me and the girls).

I just completed my 3rd 8-week term. I got a B+ this time. (A’s previous times). You know what, I’ll take it. We had a lot going on. I have this term (that started Wednesday) and one more after and I will have completed the “bridge” between the associates and being able to work on the graduate level courses.

I do most of the work when the girls are in bed at night or napping in the afternoons. I do as much as I can during my lunch breaks at work. There have been a few times last term where it came down to the wire and I had to finish typing a paper. I would type while they watched a Disney movie. You know what? Everyone lived.

In two years (the time it will take me to completely finish) the achievement will be worth it. Until then, yes we will take a few easygoing summer vacations and I hope that the impact on the girls will not be noticed too much. On the plus side, the few nights immediately upon coming home that Gabriel had trouble falling asleep it only took a page or two about Qualitative Nursing Research before she passed RIGHT OUT until morning. I guess it has to be a topic you’re into to capture your interest.

Maine winter weather. Since it comes down to put up or shut up about it I decided to employ someone to plow my driveway and to invest in a genuine down winter parka. WHY DIDN’T I DO THIS BEFORE? Winter has been at least 200% less miserable.

I went to the eye doctor. I’m kinda blind. Last time I went was before I started the adoption process. I blame the 600 bajillon government forms. Glasses are in my immediate future.

I’m trying to baby our leaking water heater through until our taxes are done. I say positive and encouraging things to it. The internet had no further helpful suggestions. It can’t be repaired. It will need to be replaced. I had the estimate and because this house is vintage it will need to meet these new and trendy things called building codes. Building Codes are the latest trendy thing in making sure your house doesn’t burn down. You pay a lot for it though.

Other than all this, life ticks on.


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