Some time ago another little orphan captured our hearts. Lillit.

Lillit is not from Bulgaria. She lives in a country across the Black Sea: Armenia. Lillit is dear to us as she has kyphoscoliosis. Just as I did when I was young. Lillit’s curvature was 120 degrees. Mine was 90.

Earlier this month Lillit was brought from Armenia to the USA to have the corrective surgery for this condition. The same procedure I had in 1995 (with excellent results).

Lillit’s surgery was yesterday. The surgeons were not able to complete it.

Lillit is currently partially corrected and will remain sedated until next week until the correction can be completed.

Her story is being followed at

While I would love for Lillit to find her family, right now we are keeping Lillit in our thoughts and hoping that her surgery can be successfully completed next week.


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