Some Fun


We got out today and I took the girls to a “surprise.”

They have been very into “surprises” lately. Last week’s end of work week surprise was that I had gotten them each a new book. Happy dances (a la Molly Shannon/SNL/Superstar-style) ensued. Not to be the type of person to want to miss out on that type of unintentional hilarity again, I took them to a children’s concert today where a good portion of the community was treated to my daughters’ epic dance moves for a full hour.

The concert was put on by a local musician. I first saw him perform when I was in the hospital when I was Gabriel’s age. To my amazement he is still playing the same songs 28 years later! To my delight, Jude and Gabriel named their favorites as the 3 favorites I had when I was their age (I love mud, Bubblegum, and There’s an Alligator in the Elevator). Thank you for the wonderful afternoon Rick Charette!

There is a story behind Gabriel’s outfit. Last year it was the Christmas gift she got when she wasn’t here. It was our guess on what size she would be at pickup. We knew it would be winter, but that was all we knew. The size is LL Bean 12-18 months (which, because they run big, is actually closer to 18-24 months). 2 months ago it would not have fit her. The tights are still a little roomy but I really wanted to break out this outfit for a fun occasion and this seemed pretty perfect.

We are now at the halfway point with Jude’s Pre-K year of homeschooling. It is going extremely well. We have been including Gabriel in on the activities and have given her some preschool level stuff to do while Jude does her work. Gabriel has also enjoyed it immensely. Jude has been making great gains and at our current pace I do foresee that Jude will be advancing to Kindergarten next year and we will be working on the Pre-K items with Gabriel in the fall. I’ll be interested to see what Gabriel’s formal evaluation says next month, because from what we have seen Gabriel is learning and retaining information twice as quickly as we saw with Jude.

In the fun category: Jude and Gabriel want to celebrate Valentine’s day this year so we will be working on making some homemade decorations in the coming weeks. I am also planning (another) nighttime outdoor playtime. I did this back in December before Christmas and they had a blast. Learned a lot about the moon/moon phases that night (clever of me to put a science lesson in there), hoping next time to get them interested in the stars too ;). As far as next week’s surprise? I think we may try out some of our new camping gear in the living room.


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