The Upcoming…


Over the course of the next 6 weeks there will be 3 major appointments for the girls.

Appointment #1: Gabriel will see the geneticist. When I first read Gabriel’s file even before I signed commitment paperwork there was mention of a genetic anomaly. It is massively unclear from her paperwork just what it is. This could be due to a translation error (or several translations errors) or just different ways genetics is approached in Bulgaria vs. the USA. From what we gathered Gabriel has a inherited genetic issue on a specific chromosome that could either be super-serious or not a big deal.

Obviously hoping for not a big deal. But the internet is a scary place when you read about the many different super-serious it could be. I am glad this appointment is coming soon. Answers.

Appointment #2: Is probably a greater source of anxiety. When the clinic sends you a suggested packing list because you are going to be there so long…flipping yikes. Gabriel will be seeing 7 different providers (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Social Worker, Audiologist, Psychologist, and Developmental Pediatrician) all in the same morning. There will be a conference with all of us in the afternoon. I did an abbreviated version of this with the state department of education when Jude came home and I am honestly regretting that decision. Things did not go (not well, just nothing happened at all). I elected to private-pay for this evaluation for Gabriel and in the coming months I will do the same with Jude to fill in gaps. This is an exceptionally long day at the doctor’s (7 AM-4PM). It will also give us a lot of answers. I think there will also be a lot of tantrums and tears, Gabriel will probably meltdown at some point too.

Appointment #3: Jude will see the geneticist. Jude has a known genetic problem that we will confirm with lab testing. We also strongly suspect a second unrelated genetic issue.

Smashed in there everyone is going to go to the dentist. In probably the greatest gift of my life the missing teeth that Gabriel had on trip one (upper canines) Had shown up by trip 2! We have pics to confirm that they really weren’t there before and then boom. Hello, happy surprise. Odd that her molars would be in before these teeth, but whatever…I was able to toss all the information I had gathered about dental implants.

Gabriel will also have a follow-up with the asthma specialist. Her asthma has improved by light years since we took her off the medication she was on at the orphanage and started her on some maintenance medication. She has only needed to us a rescue inhaler twice in the past month (vs nebulizers 2-3 times a week).

And finally, I will go to the eye doctor. Because I am getting old and apparently getting blind. (What does that road sign say? Oh crap, we passed it.)

And this post was brought to you by I FINISHED MY FINALS TONIGHT. Onto the next term.


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