Home 1 week


We have been home for a week now and have already seen an incredible transformation with Gabriel. She just has fit right in and made herself at home.
Gabriel is far and away more verbal in Bulgarian than Jude was. She has blown us away with her acquisition of English but she is still fluent in Bulgarian. She has figured out that if I don’t get it “there is an app for that.” She will grab my phone and we will turn on Google Translate with the voice recognition.
Not perfect but it has helped for the things that Gabriel feels are vital to tell me. Like, she prefers to wear jeans. She is NOT a baby! Oh and since Monday: she wants her ears pierced. She actually has repeated this request so often that Jude wanted pierced ears too. Even after I explained them to her.
So today, we have 2 little satisfied girls with newly pierced ears.
Gabriel loved Thanksgiving yesterday. She ate an entire plateful of food but seemed to enjoy the Turkey and the applesauce the most. She also made quick work of some chocolate cream pie.
She is pretty easy going with whatever we have going on any given day.
She and Jude might as well have been sisters forever. They play and squabble and tattle just like any other 3 and 4 year olds. They are both very girly so they agree that anything fairy/princess/pink/purple/glitter/sparkles is the best thing ever.
And now the universe is just because they have pierced ears.


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