The doctor’s appointment


I took Gabriel to the doctor yesterday.

Lots of bloodwork, which is expected. Not as much as Jude had. We did more vaccine titres on Jude. Didn’t need to on Gabriel because she has had hardly any vaccines. So she got stuck several times yesterday. We will go back in 2 weeks for round 2.

The Pneumonia is gone. Thank goodness for that. We will continue on the ventolin syrup I was given by the orphanage doctor at least until she sees the asthma specialist next month.

And (we already knew) she is tiny. Super tiny. She came in at 32.5 inches and 21 pounds. She is far, far below both the CDC and WHO growth curves for both height and weight even when they are adjusted for her prematurity. Toddler formula, high fat everything (good fats), whole milk, and an almost non-stop eating schedule will hopefully help. She can and does eat a good amount.

Gabriel is lined up to see the Asthma specialist, the opthamologist, the dentist, the geneticist, and have a developmental evaluation in the coming weeks and months.


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