Trip 2 Day 6


I was greeted at dawn to another TANTRUM.
Poor Jude didn’t know what happened. This time was better than before; however.
Up, breakfast, dressed and out the door by 10:30 as today was the long-promised zoo day.
Jude had a blast. Gabriel chattering away all day as we pushed her around in the stroller. The bear by the snack bar was even treated to a song. That’s right, not only is Gabriel speaking full Bulgarian sentences…she sings!
She is slowly coming out of the somber, sad shell we have always seen at the orphanage.
While at the zoo I got a text from our translator that the visa was ready and we arranged a meeting for 5:30 to pick up the final paperwork.
We went back to the apartment briefly around 3:30 to freshen up then out again for more shopping. At 5:30 I met with FNA and am happy to report that everything is done except the flights home Friday.
Dinner after and then back to the apartment as we were exhausted.
Tomorrow is our last full day in Bulgaria. I am very happy to be going home but it is a great deal bittersweet not knowing how many years it will be until we return.


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