Trip 2 Day 5


Gabriel was up at 7:30. She did great sleeping through the night.
Jude and I got up. After yesterday I wasn’t quite sure the textures that she would actually eat. My mum bought some baby applesauce just in case. She ending up eating 1/2 banana, 2 bowls of dry cocoa puffs, and some milk.
After breakfast came THE TANTRUM. Jude’s epic tantrum lasted a half-day. Gabriel realized after 45 minutes of me not letting her kick, bite, claw, or scratch either me or her, that there was no winning THE TANTRUM.
She decided a better use of her time was learning the ropes from Jude. Learned about all the toys we have. Loves the magna doodle. She also mastered the art and science of the sippy cup.
Gabriel and I left at noon to go to the embassy. I was able to get details on how she has been as Marieta joined us today. I also saw her passport which is great. The reason pickup is only a few days vs. the nearly 2 weeks we were here with Jude is because Marieta took her to get her passport and medical appointment done while we waited for pickup. Which was limited to the time the embassy had available.
Back to the apartment just before 3, then we loaded the kids into the stroller which finally came yesterday evening and spent the afternoon and evening with our neighbors wandering around Sofia.
Back late which was intended as I am trying to push Gabriel on the bedtime to help with adjustment at home. They made it until 11PM. Tomorrow we are planning a zoo trip and if all goes well hopefully will have Gabriel’s visa by late tomorrow too.


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