Trip 2/ Day 4, pickup day


We barely slept. Jude’s insomnia kept us up until 4 AM. Not to mention some jet lag and plain old excitement. When we finally did doze off 7 AM came quickly.
We ate breakfast and we ready to go downstairs at 9:30. We took a taxi to the orphanage and was there by 10.
We went through a security guard, which was not there in June, and proceeded to wait for the director for 15 minutes. We discussed a few medical changes that Gabriel has had since June including new glasses. Gabriel also has pneumonia again so I was given an RX to fill for her. I then signed paperwork. Handed over an outfit for them to put her in. 5 minutes later she walked in and we walked out with her. Once we got outside she became upset that we had messed with her schedule so pitched a fit for 10 minutes until the taxi back arrived.
We stopped back at the apartment to give us time for some pictures and to properly assess her. She isn’t as ill as June, so we left for Lunch, to fill her RX (which was so easy), and then a walk on Vitosha before coming back.
We met up with our neighbors who son is adorable. Then all napped until dinner.
Gabriel had another meltdown here as her temp was starting to go up, so she got a dose of Baby ibuprofen along with her meds and chilled.
Bath was not nearly the ordeal we experienced with Jude and she even watched as Jude’s got a bath as well.
Some cartoons, about 4 ounces of toddler formula from a regular cup, a story and after protesting and tears from both…bed.
Gabriel is very interested in Jude and will copy some of the things she does. Jude adores her, except when she is crying.
The size difference between the two is startling, and since Gabriel is exactly Jude’s height and weight at pickup, really drives home how much she has grown.


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