Day 1,213


I remember the day I started. I remember wondering how many days it would take to get to this point: the end of the waiting.
Here I am. On the last day of waiting. We leave in the morning. Next Friday we will be home. Finally and Forever.

I was told it would take 2-3 years to adopt 2 daughters. Ultimately that estimate ended up being quite accurate.

But we have made it. In the most roundabout, crazy way possible. We are here.

What’s to come?

Over the next week I shall again attempt to post daily (next post won’t be attempted until we arrive in Bulgaria on Saturday). If you see nothing, don’t panic. It just means that we have bad internet and blog will have to wait until I get home.
Over the next few weeks I am again stay-at-home Mommy. As of 5:00 today I have 52.5 glorious days to spend with Jude, Gabriel and the rest of my family. I felt completely lucky that my time with Jude happened to fall during our “golden summer” I am equally thrilled that Gabriel’s time falls squarely over the holidays. I will attempt at least weekly updates.
I have no immediate plans to stop this blog. There is still a lot to finish in Maine after Gabriel is home. In fact, it will take almost 2 years to wrap up everything with her adoption.

For now, I need a good night’s sleep. Jude has already vowed that she is NOT sleeping on the airplane tomorrow. Oh yippee.


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