We are going to Bulgaria!


In 4 weeks!

4 weeks from now we will be on a plane headed eastward to PARIS! We haven’t been there yet. That should be interesting.

From there will will continue on to Sofia arriving mid-afternoon on Saturday November 14.

We needed the day to recover last time and just knowing that there was time should there be flight issues brought by anxiety level down by 1/2. I think I further reduced it by giving us a 4 hour layover at CDG. The short time in Heathrow last time nearly reduced me to tears especially when we overshot the walkway and had to wait for a tug back.

Apartment & My Confession: Some of you have some very keen eyes and have noted from the pictures of Gabriel this week that she lives in Sofia. Yes. Our week visiting Gabriel in June was spent in Sofia. Until Monday I was sworn to silence. We had a wonderful time in Sofia in June and it was great to back in the same city on the one-year anniversary of Jude’s pickup trip. It also meant that we were able to skip hotels and rent another apartment for our in-country stay. Our apartment last year was nice, but this year’s apartment was AMAZING!


This was the view off of the Balcony from my room every morning.

A movie was filming on Vitosha Blvd (2 blocks away) and for two of the nights we were treated to a fireworks display perfectly visible from the balconies (there were 4!). We were a 5 minute walk away from our NGO’s office and a 10 minute walk from the subway that brought us directly to the orphanage.

Oh and I either got this apartment back for next month or another in the same building. We are thrilled.

Because of Gabriel’s location in Sofia, the wonderful director of the orphanage, and the fact that our NGO is stellar; They are spoiling us by getting the bulk of the pickup trip tasks done before we arrive. Gabriel’s passport, medical appointment, and TB test will be done before we arrive. This means that we when we pick her up on Monday the 16th we will just need to visit the embassy, obtain her Visa, and then we are free to take her home.

We will be in Sofia for 6 days. Our shortest trip to Bulgaria yet.

When we leave we will travel back through Frankfurt. Then onto Boston. But for the first time Boston will not be our final destination. Typically we have driven the rest of the way home, which if done non-stop takes 2.5-3 hours. Usual with breaks takes closer to 3.5. We estimated our approximate departure time from Logan and saw that it would have us leaving at the start of rush hour traffic on a Friday. We are electing to fly to the rest of the way home. It is a 1 hour 8 minute flight. If the flight leaves on time we will arrive at 6:45 PM. The drive home from this airport is 3 minutes for me and 10 minutes for my parents.

Our trip will have us celebrating Jude’s 4th birthday in Bulgaria and we will arrive home in time to celebrate Gabriel’s 3rd birthday in Maine. We will likely have 2 small celebrations. One there and one here.

One month from now this little family will finally be sleeping under the same roof.


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