Meet Gabriel


I am very excited to announce that in a Bulgarian courtroom this morning Gabriel Theone Suliewei became an official member of our family.

Surprised? I was too. But right now I am overjoyed. With the permission of our caseworker, here is Gabriel:

The first photo that we saw on November 20th of last year. Also her referral photo.

502_photo2_Dec14 502_photo4_Dec14 502_photo5_Dec14(1) 502_photo6_Dec14 502_photo7_Dec14 502_photo11_Dec14

These photos came in December of last year after we had signed the official commitment paperwork.

635699905660019523 WP_20150615_001 WP_20150619_005

These are some of my favorites from our visit with her in June.

IMAG0370(1) IMAG0369 IMAG0373

These came last week. She has grown since June!

We are working on details over the next few weeks of her pickup. We cannot wait.

Welcome Gabriel!


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  1. You don’t know how much it thrills me to see her updated pictures and to know you will soon be busting her out of that orphanage!!! Can’t wait to follow the sister saga story when you have two girls at home! Congratulations!!!!
    How do you pronounce her name? I keep wondering if it’s Gabe-ree-el or Gab-re-el. Or maybe I am off on both accounts! 😉

  2. Either there is an identical visitation room in another orphanage, or your daughter is in the same St Ivan Rilski in Sofia that my son was in! We brought our son home in late January this year.

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