Just WOW


We have had one busy week here in Maine. So many delightful things have happened. We have our court date. Check. Later in the week we got another fantastic surprise that we are all really, really excited about. The part that we all keep coming back to is the update on Gabriel and the 4 new photos of her that we have. She has grown! We had some updated measurements last month that I was completely flabbergasted by as it showed that she had done an extreme amount of growth in 3 months time. Admittedly I was a bit skeptical; but photos don’t lie Gabriel is now the size Jude was at her pickup. I am now entirely grateful for all the photos that we took back in June. We still don’t know what, if any, baby photos beyond her referral picture we might be able to obtain from her orphanage. If nothing, we will always have the photos of her on trip 1. Jude is enamored with the new photos of Gabriel and I often have to request my phone back from her to check my e-mail and messages.

We will be able to share Gabriel’s photos shortly after the 27th, so stayed tuned.

We have one final camping trip planned for next weekend then that is the end. Nights are getting down into the low 40s and upper 30s now and our sleeping bags are only rated to 40 degrees. Grandma and Papa have the camper with the heated beds so we will be camping in style this last time. We might be wearing our winter duds but hoping for a good time. We are headed back to the campground that I took Jude to during my maternity leave with her last summer.

With the final adoption trip to Bulgaria now in sight, it is very odd to me to be able to plan future events with such certainty. We are starting to make plans for a summer vacation next year. One that won’t be interrupted by foreign governments, or crazy immigration paperwork, or spur of the moment adoption anything. Just us and a week or two to ourselves. I might even leave my phone behind, who knows?

We are all very excited for this one final Bulgarian adventure, but I think we are even more eager for everything that comes after.


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