Nana Pippen


I have never given proper credit on this blog for the extraordinary job that my male housecat does in helping me raise Jude.
I am totally serious.
Many of you must have seen or read some version of Peter Pan growing up. Remember Nana? The Darling children’s nanny who also happened to be the family dog? Nana lives on in our house in the form of Pippen, our 16 pound male housecat.
It is a rare thing indeed if Pippen is not watching Jude. He will hang out in whichever room she chooses to play in. Leaving only to come and find me if perchance she should be getting into some forbidden mischief. Or to report if Jude has a newly ripe diaper.
Pippen is always at his post on the diaper table when Jude is in the tub. He likes to talk me through the steps of getting her washed up. He peers over Jude’s shoulder for the bedtime story. He never ever misses it.
Pippen spends the entire night on the top floor watching over her. If she wakes up, Pippen comes into my room and cries until I wake up too. He is far more effective than the baby monitor was…we have had it unplugged for months.
He grunts at her if she doesn’t finish all her cereal.
He lets her pick him up and carry him like a rag doll.
He watches out the window for her and is disappointed if I should stop home for lunch without her in tow.
When she is gone during the day he naps with her stuffed animals.
He tries to clean her like a kitten.
Jude whispers her secrets to him before she falls asleep at night.
He has adored her since the day I brought her home. And Pippen is smart. As new stuffed animals arrive, decorations go up, and toddler bedrails are installed in what used to be the spare bedroom, Pippen is excited. He knows a new arrival is impending.

I never would have thought it about the stray gray dumpster cat that just randomly appeared at my parents house 7 years ago but he is the best cat I have ever had.


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