Back to School


Back to School mode is in full swing at this house.

On August 5th I went back to school. Yes, you read that correctly. Insane person that I am took the plunge and decided that I wasn’t going to put off graduate school any longer. I will be attending year-round with a reduced classload until I graduate in the Spring of 2018. Master’s of Science in Nursing. I am most grateful for the online format. My doing the classwork on my lunch breaks and after the girls are in bed at night it hopefully minimizes the impact on everyone. The last 2 months will be tricky as that term is not online, but I will address that once it comes up. I have a few ideas already…

Jude is going to start school too! My April 16 post outlined that I had chosen a curriculum for her for this school year. I have spent time combing through it in detail and editing it to suit her/our needs. It is an awesome curriculum and it will integrate well with Jude’s outside Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy sessions that she receives several times per week.

Last year, immediately after picking up Jude I starting using many of the ideas found in the Preschool curriculum offered by Oak Meadow. This worked perfectly in the attachment and family integration focus that we had for Jude’s first year home. This is definitely going to be re-used in the coming months for Gabriel as well. The approach melds so well with our natural family style and compliments the curriculum from Wee Folk Art that Jude will be working with. We have a working binder now that has the main lesson plans (for both) in there for easy reference. (Follow the link mentioned in the April 16th post to access the FREE Wee Folk Art Curriculum). WP_20150821_005

The Curriculum itself is literature-based. Perfect, as Jude has a new-found love of books. It addition to the ones we purchased below (for SUPER-discount prices on Amazon, used books were often $0.01) we will be learning a lot about our local library as we will need to check out one related non-fiction book per week for each 36 weeks of our homeschool year.

Tonight, we went “Back to school” shopping. Admittedly, we don’t need much for supplies right now as most of our craft purchasing we either have the supplies on-hand or would want to involve Jude that particular week in getting the supplies. It was more of a rite of passage. The scissors were purchased after speaking with OT last week (I’m still nervous about it, but OK…we do have leftover glue and butterfly strips from the head laceration earlier this year, hopefully we won’t need it). They should help fill in the last gaps that Jude has with her fine motor skills. The tin crayon box was $2 and just too adorable to pass up. We filled it with washable crayons. I might go back and snag another tin for Gabriel for next year.

Jude is very excited about starting school. Her only disappointment is that I won’t agree to trade in our Prius for a yellow school bus. She wants to go on a yellow school bus to Grandma’s house and her Speech Therapist but only if I drive it. Perhaps I should have gone to Commercial Driving School instead.


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  1. My cousin used to paint those plastic sun catchers for fine motor skills practice. It is amazing that craft projects can be used as therapy. (Also, love the new website design)

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