While we wait


Jude and I have been enjoying summer. Beach visits, hanging with family, and generally whatever catches our fancy for the day. You know…life. Childhood. The way life should be (notice how I snuck that in there).
We are still waiting for a signature from the ministry of justice. Hopefully not too much longer now.
Two weeks ago I made the jump and started college again. Graduate School this time for me. Thank goodness for the online school revolution or this simply wouldn’t be possible. Most of my class work is done on my lunch breaks with a couple late nights a week spent on papers. So far not a huge dent in life and the grades are looking OK right now too. Sincerely hoping that I can keep this pace up for the next nearly 3 years.
In early September Jude will start preschool/pre K. She is psyched. Jude is getting speech, physical, and occupational therapy this fall from different providers in our area. Even if we weren’t previously planning on homeschooling; there would be almost no way around it given Jude’s therapy schedule with these particular providers. Luckily, Jude works in small groups so she has good socialization with a small group of kids for a couple of hours almost every day. Her skills in cooperation with peers is improving vastly upon the post-institutionalalization behavior we were witness to a year ago.


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