I-800 approval and a wedding



My sister’s.

Jude’s “Uncle Tristan” who has been a member of this family since the first Twilight movie was in theaters is now officially my brother-in-law. Little Tristan (Jude’s cousin) spent the week hanging with us and my parents. Good times. Also great preview of what is in store for me with 2 preschoolers. I need to just bite the bullet and figure out how to keep a cow in the garage. It would be cheaper (literally a gallon of milk in 30 hours).

In the midst of a wedding, getting my sister and brother in law to the airport, working the day before and after a holiday weekend, the observed holiday, the 4th, some pool time, the parade, playing with sparklers, trips to WalMart, 2 days of camping, a day at the ocean and who knows what else

The I-800 approval showed up in the mailbox on Friday. I didn’t even think they were delivering mail on Friday. It was a nice surprise. The approval was dated 6-26-15…one year to the day after Jude entered the USA and became a citizen.

I was going to be patient and wait for the elusive e-mail. The one that never came with Jude’s adoption. Yesterday was super-insanity at work. Even if I wanted to, I never would have been able to get to it. Not the case today. My patience lasted until noon. Then I called for the needed numbers. This time, our NGO fills out the DS 260 and I have heard that there has been some issues accessing it and I don’t want any unnecessary delays.

Calling the National Visa Center is kinda like trying to be the 97th caller to win the concert tickets from the radio station. If you get the “message” you have to keep hanging up and redialing (Number to call is 603-334-0700). Once you actually get through the “we are experiencing high call volume” and are able to win “tickets” you get to be on hold for whatever length of time. NEVER HANG UP when you get to this point. Like seriously. Don’t do it. They will answer your call. Last year I was on hold for 45 minutes, today it was only 5. You need to have your I-800 approval in hand for this call. You will need to ask for your NVC case number and the Invoice ID number. YOU NEED BOTH NUMBERS. it takes less than 2 minutes for the actual call and both times the people have been super friendly.

Or you can wait for the e-mail. I have no idea what it looks like. They say it comes 3-7 days after your approval. I am still waiting for Jude’s (18 months later). If you count from the actual approval date, I am not certain that Gabriel’s is showing up in my inbox soon either. But maybe…

I am now waiting to hear news of our article 5 approval. This will be the final approval step through the US government before Gabriel’s file moves back over to the Bulgarian government’s process.


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