Trip 1 Day 9 Coming Home


Saturday June 20.
Ultimately sleeping was nothing more than a short nap for most of us. We ended up checking out in the wee small hours of the morning for our early AM flight.
We arrived at the airport at 5. Just as it was getting light outside. Jude was excited as the sky was waking up and she knows that on the other end of this flight her cousin’s birthday party.
Check-in and security was easy and hassle free. Of note: Jude had entered Bulgaria on her American passport. When we exited I was asked for her Bulgarian documents. I am aware that I have the right as a US citizen just to travel on the US passport, but we are looking to be agreeable. I produced Jude’s Bulgarian passport and original Bulgarian birth certificate and we made it through in 2 minutes.
We hung around the gate for our 7:15 Bulgarian Air flight to Amsterdam which loaded us into a bus and drove us out to the middle of the tarmac. There we were boarding up the stairs.
Now remember this. Nothing for hundreds of feet. Baggage hold is open and literally right there. Could have chucked it in ourselves. We hand Jude’s stroller to the employee at the bottom of the stairs.
Bulgaria Air is wonderful. Actually have the same flight attendant we had coming in from Heathrow last week. I wouldn’t mind flying them again.
When we arrive in Amsterdam we wait for Jude’s stroller. And wait some more. And wait some more. It never comes. Along with the other stroller on the flight.
Amsterdam passport control is super helpful and well organized. So far my favorite connection airport for small children. We are sans stroller and it is still manageable for Jude.
We thought that our trip back to Boston was a KLM flight. It appears to be operated by Delta once we get to the gate. To be frank, we were less than impressed with Delta’s customer service on the Boston to London flight. We find a KLM employee and ask about the stroller. Again very nice like passport control and helps us figure it out. She also gives us the heads up that due to the tight connection that they are not sure our checked baggage will make it as it isn’t on the plane yet. Good information to have.
We had asked several times to be seated together for this flight. I discover now that it was entirely possible for Delta to do so from the beginning. They just charge $99 more for the aisle seats in economy. Access to my childs seizure medicine in flight or having help in the event of a seizure be damned. The aisle seat next to Jude ended up empty anyway. The one that my Mum absolutely couldn’t get in advance.
Smooth flight at any rate and the cabin crew were very nice.
When we arrive in Boston they have totally redone immigration. They now have a purple visa line. That is us next time. We use the electronic kiosks. That works well and is super efficient.
Baggage claim. Yeah nothing. Exit to Delta baggage services which takes 45 minutes. Luggage is still in Amsterdam. No surprise. They are going to drop it off at the house. But the stroller is still in Sofia. How in the world? They would have had to bus it back to the terminal instead of putting it on the plane…IT WAS RIGHT THERE!
3 hours home in the minivan.
Picked up the ANGRY KITTIES from daycare.
Then home, dinner, bath and bed.

Lessons from this trip: If there is anyway at all to survive without the stroller leave it at home.
Skip Delta.
Amsterdam: BIG YES
Bring bubbles and balloons to the orphanage.
Previously adopted Bulgarian child? Bring Bulgarian passport and birth certificate (single parent) or notarized letter (2 parents).


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