Trip 1 Day 8


Friday June 19.
This was our last day visiting Gabriel and our last full day in Bulgaria.
All through the trip I have been going to one visit with one of my parents while the other watches Jude and then swapping off in the afternoon.
My Dad went with me for the morning. This was also the visit in which we took Gabriel out to get her visa photos done. Gabriel has only left the orphanage grounds a handful of times for hospital visits so this was a treat. The photo studio was about a 15 minute walk away so to extend her time out we decided to go on foot. She was so surprised and delighted when we walked through the gates. The apprehension and frequent frustration that we have seen with her melted away in a moment and she was happy and content the entire time. I felt guilty bringing her back but kept whispering promises into her ear that it wasn’t for long and the next time she would get to leave for good.
My Mum came for the afternoon. Once again the majority of the visit was outside on the grounds. I am extremely grateful to have escaped the claustrophobic experience that we had with Jude’s visits this week. It was a good visit but what surprised everyone is at the very end Gabriel (whose only words this week so far have been No, Mine, and “I don’t like it”) Gave me a big smile and said, clear as day, “Caio-Caio, Mama” (Bye Bye Mama).
Bye-Bye Baby Gabriel. It will certainly seem like a long few months until we meet again.
That evening we spent packing as we had opted to hire a very early driver to take us to the airport in the morning.


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