Trip 1 Day 7


We woke up and it was raining so it was apparent that visits would have to be inside.
My Dad came with me with the morning visit. The room was one I had briefly seen earlier in the week. Super tiny. I actually don’t have to a room in my antique house this small. It was also the room in which all of the update visit photos and videos came from and I am like: wow, no idea how they made it look so big. We were there for about 10 minutes. Gabriel couldn’t cope.
Nearby is a room that is equipped to be used as a Physical Therapy room. It is the size of my living room. I had also seen it briefly earlier in the week. We had the visit here and in the hall.
In the afternoon it was the same. We walked, colored, played with bubbles and play doh, and listened to music on my phone.
She did a great job with being inside which is clearly not easy for her.
She is also extremely attached to the photo book that I made up, so I decided to leave it with her today.
Jude continues to have a great time. She goes on outings while I am at the orphanage and at the end of the day we have dinner together.


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