Trip 1/Day 6


Once again, we had our scheduled morning visit from 9:30-12 so we met our representative at 9.
Gabriel’s fever was better but she was still CRANKY so we pretty much followed along with her normal routine with her group of children. Suspecting that this may be the case before I arrived I brought with me enough balloons for everyone so we started off by blowing them up and handing them out.
Over the course of the morning there were songs and playing; not unlike your typical preschool playground. Gabriel tended to stick close by the nannies or lelyas and didn’t want anything to do with us. Until later in the morning when she was a little more comfortable sitting on my lap too. The trust is slow to develop as with any child, but just in 3 days there are small but measurable improvements.
We stayed until lunch, but by then she was becoming increasingly exhausted and feverish again. We agreed to cancel the afternoon visit so she could have a long nap.
Got lunch and took an afternoon nap with Jude. Unfortunately, I am still not adjusting to the time difference. Previously it only took a day or two.


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