Trip 1 Day 5 and Jude One Year Home!


We met our representative at 9:00 to be at the orphanage at 9:30. Gabriel chest congestion had improved over the previous afternoon but the orphanage staff said that she did have an intermittent fever.
She desperately wanted to play with her group outside which is what she would be doing if we weren’t visiting. We obtained permission to let her do this so long as we didn’t take photos of the other children and tried not to interfere with their care.
She is ahead of where Jude was at pickup. She can walk, run, climb, slide, swing. All things that that I had to teach or refine with Jude the first few months. She is also the smallest by far in the group so she gets picked up and held quite a lot. To complete the visual Gabriel is the size of a 6 or 9 month old infant but is probably functioning in many ways at around 18-20 months.
We stayed outside for this visit again until noon. Then back to our rooms again for lunch.
We met again at 2:15 to make it to the local notary before the afternoon visit.
I signed the paperwork and accepted her referral. I am very happy to have this out of the way so we can have fun the rest of the week.
We made it to the orphanage at 3:30. There we learned that her fever had returned. And she had refused lunch and hadn’t napped. They attempted to offer her some pureed apple while we were there but she just wants fluids. The virus is rampaging through the orphanage and we have be vigilant in hand washing so Jude won’t get it. It’s hard to understand what it is through the language barrier (cold and rash or strep throat) but after a short 20 minutes we agreed for her sake to end the visit and let her go back with the nanny and try and rest for the rest of the day. I’d rather that my time with her be cut short and she get better soon. We did spent another 30 minutes talking about Gabriel with the staff and it has been very helpful to gain insight on her from several different people. They obviously care for all the children greatly and know each child in depth.
And even though Jude can’t visit in person she is waiting for us each time we return to see the pictures and videos of Gabriel and will watch them over and over.

Speaking of which…
Today marked the one year anniversary of Jude’s pickup day. And it did not go unnoticed. We celebrated in little bits all day. And unfortunately to go into detail would give away our location in Bulgaria but we did take a fun side by side comparison from her first photo in our apartment last year…


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