Trip 1/Day 4 “Meetcha Day”


Monday morning we had a previously planned meeting with our representative from FNA out front at 10 AM to travel to the orphanage to be there for a 10:30 AM initial meeting.
We arrived on time and met the orphanage director, Gabriel’s social worker, and one of the lead caretakers at the orphanage.
Gabriel has a respiratory virus. Just. Like. Jude. I nearly laughed out loud. Once again I get to play with a sick and cranky 2 year old all week who just really wants me to piss off and leave her alone.
Luckily this isn’t Jude’s adoption. No tiny visit room today. Both morning and afternoon visits are almost completely outside on the orphanage grounds and Gabriel enjoys being held and rocked in the breeze on this blistering hot day.
I’ve indicated directly to our FNA representative that I want to accept her referral and I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon to sign all the official documents.
Gabriel’s I-800 paperwork was also mailed out today so we are hoping for the most rapid process between two trips as possible.
I WISH I could show photos of the visits today. She is so amazing. One day soon…


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  1. I am so glad you finally got to hold her! I hope she feels better soon. I love reading your updates. -Theresa 🙂

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