Trip 1 Day 1/2


Traveling to Bulgaria actually went fairly smoothly this time.
We booked our flights through Adoption Airfare and our accommodations through the day we got travel dates.
We decided to leave on Friday vs Saturday as we had done in the past, giving ourselves the extra day to arrive should something go askew. We left our home in central Maine at 1 and arrived at Boston Logan just after 4PM.
I had checked us in for all our flights and printed out our boarding passes so when we arrived at Terminal A in Boston we were able to drop our luggage right at the curb. Checked through into Sofia.
Security was easy. No shoes off, no liquids out, we were through within 15 minutes.
With a little over two hours to kill until Delta flight 63 left for London at 7:14 we had Jude play in the play area. Got some snacks, etc.
Because of online check in and because it was less expensive to book our flights as 2 one way tickets I did need to provide proof of return reservation to be allowed entry into the EU. The printed email was sufficient.
Boarded the flight on time. We used the Cares harness for Jude and admittedly much easier to install than the carseat last year. Then off to London 3 minutes early.
Jude dozed for only about 45 minutes of the flight. Was fussy at times, but no full blown meltdowns.
We arrived in London almost 20 minutes early. However we had an issue with landing. The plane “overshot” the gate by 10 feet so needed a tug to pull it back. AND FOR THIS PURPOSE is why Jude is in a harness or carseat. It was nothing major but it was a very sudden stop when the plane was going at a significant speed on the ground. We were able to get off only about 5 minutes behind schedule and knew that at 7:10 AM in Terminal 3 we had to book it to make our 8:55 connection in Terminal 4.
I studied in advance and by the grace of hitting the transfer bus just as it arrived and a TOTALLY EMPTY security when we got there we made it. But security in London was not fun. Half my luggage got swabbed for explosives. And Jude nearly had another seizure when as security was asking me if Jude’s Minnie Mouse book (which talks) was a laptop. She was losing it because they were touching it.
We made Bulgaria Air flight 852 with time to spare. Jude did sleep the last hour of the flight.
A note on entry: we were able to enter Bulgaria with Jude’s US passport without question.
Collection of luggage was easy although my Mum’s looks like it has been run over (and her deodorant is missing).
A representative from our agency met us at the airport and drove us to where we will be staying for the week. It’s beautiful! I will post pictures after court. After nap, we got dinner and are happy to be back in Bulgaria again!


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