Jude on the “Hairpain”


Since Christmas we have been prepping Jude for the airplane ride. Jude calls it the “hairpain”

Actually she psuedo overdramatically whispers “hairpain” ala Carol-Ann from Poltergeist style. It’s flipping creepy. But I digress.

Jude is about as ready for the flight on Friday (PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LET THERE BE NO SURPRISES) evening. I am 97% sure that I won’t suffer a bite wound this year during boarding. All bets are off for the rest of the flight.

Delta is the lucky airline this time around. Actually I didn’t realize that we had booked through Delta until yesterday. I thought we were going through 3 different airlines, we kinda are, it’s called codeshare. It’s actually all Delta. Haven’t flown them yet. We’ve done British Airways, Lufthansa, and Turkish Airlines thus far. All good. We see Heathrow again. I am resigned to the fact that because we fly out of Logan I think we are somehow obliged to stop there. Our connection travelling to Bulgaria is in the UK, coming home I will add the Netherlands to the list (UK, Turkey, Germany).

Packing: Well it is all kinda in the bags. No point trying to organize it now. Jude keeps unpacking. And before you ask, no, there is no place to put the bags where she can’t get to them. This is the same child who climbed a glass wall 18″ above the floor during a medical appointment 2 months ago. The closer the bags are to danger, the further they are from harm.

All in all I am not nervous about the things that I should be. I will focus on what lies ahead with meeting Gabriel once we land in Sofia. Until then, we face some challenges.

Me. Airport Security. Previously I have just walked through with Jude. Setting off the stuff that beeps. I get handwanded, and moved along. Logan has the CT scan machine. Which is awesome. It has made things go really fast for me every time I have flown out of Logan. But how in the hell do we both get in there? I think that they won’t let me. Which is gonna delay things.

Jude and I are finally seated together on the 2 major flights (to and from the US). This wasn’t automatic. Not sure why. Not sure why ANYBODY would want Jude to sit alone for 7-8 hours. Especially at age 3, especially with a seizure disorder, especially with the quirks that her brain lesions cause. Now, granted I did have that slightly brief dark moment in my head of introducing Jude to her seatmate for the next 7 hours then taking my seat in another part of economy…and reading a book or taking a nap. But then I realized that one of 2 scenarios would likely play out before we taxied for takeoff. #1: My peaceful respite would be disturbed by the screech of “MOMEEEEE, JUDE HAIRPAIN!!!!!” from somewhere else in peasant class or #2: Jude’s new BFF would approach and and inform me of the “kuka diaper” and the resulting stink and I would be forced to trade anyway.

Right now we aren’t seated with my parents. This could pose some challenges. Jude will ask about their location… The. Whole. Flight. Palilalia. Apologies in advance to the person seated on the other side of her. Unless you want to trade with my Mom. Also, should selfsame individual look us up here later. Jude will not sleep on this flight. Aint gonna happen. No, there aren’t any medications. At least for her. You are more than welcome to take anything and everything that you may have brought with you.

We have 1 hour and 50 minutes to make our connection at Heathrow. yeah. that. With a stroller. And apparantly we need to catch a transfer bus between terminals 3 and 4. Ideally we should have Jude’s elementary school years to accomplish this worry-free. But we don’t.

The next flight is a codeshare flight with Bulgaria Air. Seat assignments aren’t available yet. Oh goody.

Between the quick connection and the change of airlines…hope the luggage gets there. Especially the diapers.

Sometime late Saturday afternoon once we are settled in Then I will focus on the task at hand.

Recent events in the media have made me extremely anxious about bringing my child on an airplane. It shouldn’t. Jude has every right to travel as every other world citizen. Though it is necessary based on our family structure, she also has the right to be included in this very huge family event. She wants to go. She has the intellect to verbalize and understand that this is something that she REALLY REALLY wants to do.


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  1. When we flew with our foster son, we went to the gate counter and they called the person who had the seat with us and asked them if they would like to switch. Every time the person saw they would have to share the row with a child, the switch occurred. Hope that helps alleviate one of your stresses.

  2. Amsterdam has a very nice baby/toddler lounge in the airport. We used it when we brought home our little guy. It’s soothing and quiet, much calmer than the open terminal.

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