News of no news


Pretty much we are still waiting for the dossier to be submitted to the MOJ; but I now have a better idea of when that will likely happen
Which means that I have a general idea of when the IAC meeting that Gabriel’s file will be reviewed at will take place.
Which means I have a very general idea of when her written referral may be issued.
Which means I could make a semi educated guess on when we will be returning to Bulgaria.
It’s all soon. But I don’t want to jinx myself. I will say that the timing is very, ahem, interesting. Or so it appears to be right now. We are all EXTREMELY excited.


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  1. I’ve been following your blog for some time now. I am also adopting from Bulgaria as a singel parent. And I’m currently waiting on MOJ to match me with a waiting child.
    On what terms and time frame do you make you educated guess? My homestudy was approved 10 months ago, and I sent a formal request for a child 3 weeks ago. Curious on when I might travel to meet my kid.

    • This can get tricky. Your commitment approval should come anytime now (3-6 weeks after submission).
      If you submitted a complete dossier (not just a home study, but everything) into the MOJ 10 months ago they may review the child’s file at the next IAC meeting.
      If documents are missing or they need further information or clarification; they should let your agency know exactly what that is.
      Aprox. 3-4 weeks after IAC meeting in which your child is matched with you the Minister of Justice should sign off and you will have the formal written referral.
      Travel will vary depending upon the NGO. By law it has to happen within 60 days. Most travel 2-4 weeks after issuance of the written referral.
      PS. My educated guesses are based upon 3 years of watching other Bulgarian adoption processes and what my agency is telling me about my own currently in progress.

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