10 months home


We have been getting a lot of answers lately. Some even today.

We almost have Jude’s new therapy schedule in place. Speech, PT, and Play therapy. Everyday of the week something happens.

I finally ended my indecision when it came to Jude’s preschool/Pre K plans for next year. Since we picked up Jude (even during pickup trip in Bulgaria) we have been using more and more from the Preschool Learning Processes book at Oak Meadow (http://www.oakmeadow.com). I love Oak Meadow and I feel pretty strongly that when the time comes for Kindergarten that we will be using their curriculum. However, for us, it felt as though there was a gap between what our family needing between the Preschool Program and Kindergarten. What we need is the Preschool program with a teeny bit more and with the structure of the Kindergarten program.
It took a very long time to find something that fit our needs.
And I was totally shocked to find that what did was available online for FREE!
Wee Folk Art offers downloadable Homeschool Companion guides. http://weefolkart.com/content/homeschool-companion-guides Combined with what we already have on hand and the resources of the local library. We couldn’t be more pleased.

Jude’s postplacement report was completed and apostilled today. Once the photos that needs to go with it are back, we will be mailing this off to Bulgaria.

Jude very much wants to do 2 things: Go to the beach and go on an airplane. I keep telling her soon. We hope to be able to do both by the end of May.
Until then she keeps looking at these two photos of her from late last June (on the airplane and at the beach, both her firsts).
Jude airplane
British Airways flight from Sofia, Bulgaria to London, U.K. June 26, 2014
Jude beach
Reid State Park Georgetown, Maine June 30, 2014


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