No Jumping


With an antique house comes antique stairs. In our house in is one of the coolest visual features. To little kids it is also super fun because the last step before you get into the living room is a 4 foot by 4 foot landing.
It sort of resembles a miniature wooden stage.
For Jude, lately, it has been a platform from which she has been practicing for her future career as a Hollywood stuntwoman.
This is among the reasons the the “5 little monkeys” nursery rhyme has become a popular verse here. If for some reason you have forgotten this gem from your own childhood is goes like this:
“5 little monkeys jumping on the bed
1 fell off and bumped his head
Mama called the doctor and the doctor said:
‘no more monkeys jumping on the bed’

4 little monkeys jumping on the bed…”

And so on and so on.

After several warnings last night Jude jumped off the landing for probably the thousandth time and lost her balance and dove headfirst into the antique newel post.
For several reasons I knew that at 8:00 on a Saturday night for the cut that she had the ER was the last place we wanted to be (and frankly probably one of the safe places in the city at this time of day).

Grandma to the rescue!
She was able to quickly hit up Walgreens and get the glue and steri strips that I was lacking in my ultra first aid kit.
30 minutes later between the two of us we had accomplished gluing Jude’s head gash back together.
After some ice and some Tylenol she looked at me and said “no jumping”.
I think she has learned this lesson the hard way.
Jude’s first major scrape, but knowing her enthusiasm it won’t be her last. She has already taken two big falls on the swing set this morning (on the actual first day of spring here in Maine) and got right up and kept going.
At least we were able to avoid the ER this time.


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