9 months home


Eventually I knew that we would take some steps backwards. February has been a total mess for Jude that we are still sorting through.

Jude has started having seizures. I cannot say that it comes as a total surprise based upon previous medical information that we received after she arrived home. Still, it is not something that even as a nurse that comes easy to witness in your own toddler. Later this week Jude will go back to neurology for some more testing and to see what we do from here with this new development.

Jude’s speech progress after making gains…just stopped. So we brought her favorite speech therapist in for a reevaluation. Jude is behind again in all areas to varying degrees.

There have been other little setbacks. It has been a pretty terrible month.

Oh and it has snowed roughly 8 feet in the last 4 weeks. Jude HATES the snow. Trying to do fun things in it is just not possible when the only time there isn’t wind chill advisories is when it warms up and we get a winter storm or blizzard warning.

But we are still optimistic.
Hopefully by the end of this week we will have a plan in place to reduce the seizures.
We are already working on a multi pronged approach to Jude’s short and long term therapy needs.
And it is soon going to be March. Better weather and better days lie ahead.


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  1. So sad to hear this news. Best wishes to you and Jude as you navigate these new waters. Our son’s syndrome is frequently associated with seizures that can onset at any time, so we’re thankful for each day that goes by without them.

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