Getting There


After tomorrow we will only be waiting on the FBI background check (which we sent through a channeler) and the I-800a Approval and the dossier will be ready to send to Bulgaria.

Many generous people have stepped forward and we have raised around $500 towards the cost of the dossier submission fees. Our family is truly humbled and grateful for your support in making this little lady a vital part of our family. Our fundraiser is still ongoing at .

Jude and I have been surviving the recent onslaught of snow that has struck New England over the past week. Jude keeps asking if the snow is “all done” and if she can go to the ocean yet. I told her that we can go in May. I hope that winter is over by May this year.

The ultimate answer to Jude’s sleep issues has appeared to present itself. It is not what we would have hoped for her and will warrant follow up with her neurologist in the near future. We hope that we can once and for all get Jude functioning to the top of her ability level. And soon.


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