One World Adoption Services


Well over 6 months after the placing agency for Jude’s adoption closed I got a letter in the mail today.

Frankly, I’m shocked by the ineptitude that apparently went on as this adoption agency dissolved. They have filed (or did file in July), for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There was a meeting in August for anyone who was owed money. A time machine would be handy.
But none of this surprises me.

What prompts me to write and call out an agency with which I had a good relationship with is what they have done with my child’s (and presumably all children’s) adoption file. They left it in the possession of a bankruptcy trustee. This individual states that if he doesn’t have certain information and payment for shipping from me within 21 days of 1-13-15 he will destroy my child’s file.

Per the federal regulations that governed this and all Hague accredited adoption agencies there needed to be a plan in place (and I was told that there was) to move these files to an APPROPRIATE CUSTODIAN within 30 days of agency closing for storing and archiving.
It would appear that this didn’t happen.
Even Adoption Ark made sure that this was done.

I am writing in hopes that if there are other parents/adoptees out there who may not have been alerted because of the financial aspect of the agency closing down that this is going on as well. I do not want to have someone’s records destroyed without their knowledge. This could be someone’s link to their past.

If you believe that you have an adoption file through this agency and you were not contacted via letter around the day of this blog posting please contact me by commenting (please indicate that you would like the comment deleted and provide an e-mail address within the comment body) and I will forward the contact information that I have for the bankruptcy trustee. Comments are moderated before they go public so nobody will see your information except me nor will it be used for any purpose except forwarding contact information into you.


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