Winter and T shirts


Jude HATES the cold. This morning with the temperature a balmy -12 with the wind chill making it more like -29 we had a lesson in wearing fleece lined tights under your cords. Oh and dressing for the artic expedition that is the 20 foot walk from the kitchen door to the garage.

She has a newfound appreciation for woodstoves. I cannot wait for the day when I am allowed to install one in the basement. Curse you single flue chimney!

Just how cold is it? Well, running full tilt the furnace could only get the house to 67 this morning. Jude slept with me last night and much to my surprise ALL the cats put aside their differences/trepidations of toddlerhood and did as well. Nobody wanted out of the heavenly array of cotton and memory foam and down. Jude included who told me at 6:30 that she was not all done night-night.

In other news we have launched a time limited fundraiser for our adoption of Gabriel. T-shirts. Sort of ill-timed, but the fundraiser does have long-sleeve shirts and hoodies available as well. This fundraiser will be going on until January 28 and can be accessed here:


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