Busy, Busy, Busy


Eventually I will get the post on Jude’s first Christmas up, but I don’t think I have seen all of the hundreds of photos myself yet.

The weekend after Christmas we braved the post holiday Walmart madness and went and got Jude’s passport photo done. It took 30 tries. I repeat: 30 tries. This is why I will not pay to have professional photos done of her yet. I have been there for her visa photo, and 2 passport photo sessions. My child has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to having her photo taken. It will take 3 weeks to get Jude in for an appointment to submit her passport application however, but hey-ho, I guess that’s the way it goes when they are only open to do this 15 hours a week.

We delayed our homestudy update finalization when we started down the process of adopting Gabriel. This way it could match up with exactly what our new agency needed and this will be the last homestudy update ever. The homestudy will be done within the week and then I will move onto the I-800a and FBI background check submission (I might actually work on the latter in the next day or so).

I really like the new streamlined (at least to me) Bulgarian dossier process because after this I will be 2/3 of the way done.

Which leads me to fundraising…

I suck at fundraising. There is no real polite way to put it. I tried extremely hard with Jude’s adoption and raised about $300. Which is $300, but wasn’t a huge game-changer when it came to funding. The biggest things I have working against me is that Jude has better crafting skills than I do. I was the geeky science kid and yes some unicorn drawing skills or at least the ability to make a friendship bracelet would come in handy right now. If however, there is a market for some superbly-written Nursing Care Plans I would be happy to start that fundraiser. My cooking skills are limited to my grades in chemistry. And there is nothing left in this house to sell/yard sale (not that there was ever much to start with). I have now applied for 2 grants for Gabriel’s adoption (out of 4 possible). However I know how lucky we were to get a grant the first time, although I hope for a miracle I need to work for one too. So I need to teach myself how to fundraise. Over the next few months you will see my (hopefully successful this time) attempts at this.

We have started a “Just Love Coffee” fundraiser you can find the link to our store at http://www.justlovecoffee.com/bulgariatomaineadoption.

In the next week or so we will also be launching a profile on Adopttogether. Stay tuned for details.

Out fundraising goal is $5,200.00 for our dossier submission (in aprox 2.5 months time). So far I have raised (not quite sure how) $250.00 since Christmastime with $4,950.00 left to go.


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