Today was the day that we were officially matched with the waiting child that we inquired about and submitted on around Thanksgiving.

I have decided to name her Gabriel Theone Suliewei (last name). She is almost exactly one year younger than Jude, we know where in Bulgaria she is located and are quite excited about the upcoming travel in 2015.

Gabriel was listed on the waiting child list due to special needs that upon review are quite similar (though not exactly like) Jude’s. Unlike Jude who had been moved from the Plovdiv orphanage when she was 19 months old and into foster care; Gabriel has lived in her orphanage for her whole life.

Although not usual, I have included Jude in on every step of the process so far. Jude is enthralled by the videos and pictures of Gabriel and it has allowed a very natural dialogue about adoption in our home. She is very excited to get a little sister.

I am delighted to be given the opportunity to welcome another little Bulgarian-American into my heart and home.


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