O Christmas Tree


Yesterday we took the annual trek to get the Christmas tree.

This tradition invariably resembles the first 10-15 minutes of the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Sans logging truck.

I started off the day by introducing Jude to the chore of the minon
checking and untangling the Christmas lights (mwhahaha I don’t have to do it anymore!)

We then proceeded in the truckster (with attached trailer as we were getting trees for 2 households) out to the Christmas tree farm. Now, I had told Jude that we were going to go to the woods and cut down a tree and put it in the living room. She looked at me like the crazy person I am (we all are) for wanting to do this. Then she pointed out the irony that we were driving for over a 1/2 hour through the woods (past trees, hello MOM) to go to “woods” to cut down trees. She lost interest quickly and demanded cheerios. Until we arrived.

I didn’t get the memo that all of central Maine decided that Sunday was the day for this activity. Never in 30 years have I EVER seen so many people at the tree farm. 2 years ago we were the only people there. Literally hundreds of people this year. Just wow.


Not only that but it was cold. Cold by Maine standards. ~20 degrees F with a wind chill that made it feel below Zero. Motivation to move quickly. I told Jude what we were going to do and actually in a stroke of good luck (or early hypothermia) we found THE TREE inside of 15 minutes. Then I informed Jude that her papa was going to cut it down for us. She danced and jumped all around the tree until it fell over.

“Uh, Oh…it fell down. Go boom”

So we hauled it off to the shaking and wrapping station. Loaded it in and headed home. Jude passed out. Once we made it home we got it in the stand (Swivel straight is the best invention in yuletide history) and let it sit to let the ice melt off while we took some time to thaw out ourselves.


We spent the better part of the afternoon adding the lights.
Then adding the bows.
The adding the ornaments.
Then learning that you can’t put all the ornaments on the same branch.
Then moving said ornaments.
And by nightfall we had:




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