Funding Adoption #2


If you visit the “Financing Adoption” page of this blog you can get a fairly comprehensive idea of the budget breakdown of Jude’s adoption. Even with all my preparation and saving it wouldn’t have been possible to adopt Jude without outside help. This luckily came in the form of the second grant we applied for. We couldn’t have been more elated.

From the time of Jude’s referral I have been doing whatever planning I could for a second (and final) adoption. We anticipated that we would start this adoption next summer. With that timeframe I anticipated that I would be able to fund 100% of the adoption expenses myself, drawing from various resources. Frankly, drawing from ALL the resources at my personal disposal.

Then I saw her…
Life changed in a moment.

I knew that things would be tight coming up with her fees as they come due. That we weren’t as ready as I wanted us to be. At the same time she is perfect for us and I feel that we are perfect for her. Was the timing perfect? No. But that is life. Already we have had some help as our placing agency has discounted their case management fees due to her special needs.
Drawing from the same resources on our new timeframe I should be able to cover aprox 80%+ of her adoption expenses myself. But we are not fully funded. By the end there will be several thousand dollars that I will need to come up with (out of thin air?).

So I have started researching adoption grants (again). Due to a combination of factors (none of them related to income) it would appear that our family is eligible to apply for 3.
Dozens (if not hundreds) of grants out there for adoption and we can only try for 3. While I am hopeful, I am also realistic. Our odds we not good at getting a grant last time. When we did it felt like we won the lottery. Today I filled out an application to start a fundraising platform for this adoption, hopefully we can get this up and running in the very near future.

I know extremely little about fundraising. And the fundraising efforts of Jude’s adoption were minimally successful, and felt awkward at best. It will be an interesting next year.

She is worth it. She is worth the grant letter writing, she is worth the asking for help.

Any child is.


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