She’s a Maine-ah!


Jude’s birth certificate as issued by the state of Maine came today. Yes it looks a bit different than a native born birth certificate but still. When she is an adult she can have the same fun with the vital records office as everyone else does around these parts.

Jude was already a Maine-ah before this though.

One of her first English language words after we arrived home wasn’t “car” it was “cah”. As it should be.

She has gone swimming in the Atlantic ocean until adults had to forcibly remove her from the water because her lips were turning blue. Once she returned to a normal color she was allowed back in (Maine swimming rules)

She loves camping. She has her own (LL Bean) sleeping bag. In one of my parenting fails she thinks that tent stakes are called “dammit”.

She has been molded to recognize that the only kind of baked beans are B&M baked beans.

She is already getting pretty good at ripping apart her own lobster (yes, my toddler will eat lobster, how cool is that!)

Part of her daily routine is helping her Grammy Kitty with the chickens.

She has already figured out (in the past two weeks) that she can only wear her winter boots outside now. She knows to take them off immediately upon entering the house.

She is starting to associate the Channel 6 storm center music with snow. (They can never change that music, generations won’t know what to do if they did)

She has learned to wave at people in cars when you cross the street.

This weekend we will teach her one of the most sacred of Maine traditions: how to go out in the woods and hunt…for the perfect Christmas tree.


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