5 months home


This post is long overdue and I certainly don’t intend to become a once monthly blogger. Needed to take a break to set real life in order (specifically nighttimes/bedtimes) but since that seems to be getting better here is what we have been up to:



Jude was the cutest little witch in the neighborhood. Trick or treating took a little getting used to. At first I had to trick her into thinking we were just going for a walk. The shock on her face when I rang the first few doorbells was PRICELESS.

The next day was unquestionably the start of Maine winter. And I had been waiting a bit to see where Jude would be when it did start to buy the final few essentials (mainly boots). So quick trip to Kmart the next morning and I had one styling girl.


Who continued to insist wearing her new boots and hat well into the afternoon…


And into the evening…


Thankfully I was able to remove them both by bedtime. But Wow!


Jude’s readoption was Monday November 3rd. Return of the nervous stomach (although I had absolutely nothing to be nervous about). It actually turned out to be a fun time for my whole family. The children were given free reign over the courtroom and the entire hearing was about 15 minutes. Afterwards we were able to take this photo with Judge Mitchell which will absolutely be going in Jude’s memory book. And Jude has a new adoption decree (although her Bulgarian adoption decreee is still very much vaild) and will be receiving a Maine-issued birth certificate shortly.


5 months home

On November 16th it has been 5 months since we picked up Jude. The progress she has made is nothing short of extraoridinary. She has gained 5.5 pounds, 4.75 inches, has gone from size 9-12 months to 2T, has gone from shoe size 6 to shoe size 8 and is every bit a blossoming toddler.

3rd Birthday!!!

Jude turned 3 on Wednesday November 19th. It was a joyous day in sharp contrast to the lonely cupcake I ate in pseudo celebration for her last year. Although attempts were made to celebrate her 1st and 2nd birthdays in Bulgaria I know that she was upset at the celebration last year and I am not sure she can recall the doll and cake that were given to her at the Plovdiv orphanage

WP_20141119_009 WP_20141119_012

It is really amazing to reflect back and see that a year ago we were in full-on screech mode to leave to meet “Baby Jude” and now I really cannot remember what life was like here without her.

What is Next?

Well we have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the Maine winter (I failed to mention that Jude cried when she woke up to a blanket of snow for the first time, I could empathize).

Thursday, without warning, we saw the file of another precious little girl (who turns 2 years old today). It took less that 10 minutes to know that it was time to make the big leap again. We sent the commitment paperwork onto the ministry of justice in Bulgaria yesterday and we will wait for the next two weeks or so (very anxiously I might add) to see if we will be chosen to be her family. Stayed tuned to see where our adventure will continue…


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