4 (plus) months


I don’t even know where to begin with this post.

Jude is sleeping in her own bed at the moment. We have been trying this out here and there over the past few weeks. Partly because I am going slightly crazy after 4 months not sleeping next to a child with a sleep disorder. Partly because I have been in enough meetings about Ebola lately that the thought had crossed my mind that if something should go random at work I wouldn’t want Jude to be traumatized (again) by suddenly having to sleep alone while I submit to voluntary ( or otherwise) quarantine. And partly because I have been having a minor medical problem and I think I have been waking her up at night sometimes.

However, as predicted…this has not been easy. Ain’t nobody can tantrum like a newly adopted toddler and frankly I am surprised I have not yet seen the city police department yet. I have my explanation all prepared for when they do eventually arrive. I hope that they show up while she is shrieking “No night night” at 150 decibels. I’ll film the whole thing including the part where she gets so angry at her own echo in the hall that her face turns purple. We’ll watch it on holidays when she is a teenager. And sleeping more than 2 hours in a row.

Until then and besides that things are moving along. Jude’s first post placement report is all done. We will wrap up Jude’s foreign adoption recognition with a formal hearing on Monday. After that we have one last thing to do: get Jude an American passport.

In some smaller milestones: Jude is now drinking from an open cup. She is learning to floss her teeth. And she now allows me to brush and comb her hair without fussing.

We have a busy few months ahead too. Starting Friday. First Halloween. Haven’t quite figured out how to get her excited about it yet especially where she doesn’t particularly like candy. Now if only my neighbors would hand out V8 and string cheese.


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