It has been one of those crazy weeks. As the saying goes: You can’t make this shit up.

It all started last Saturday morning when Jude dove headfirst into my shower fully clothed. Before noon that day she managed to:
eat a political flyer
break 2 dinner plates and a drinking glass
lock me out of the house, in the rain, while I was only wearing my socks.
That night she proceeded to wake up at 2:45 AM, strip nearly naked, and attempt to go downstairs to do some cooking (so she said).
Later that morning while reading a book the following exchange took place while reading a book:
Jude: “Big Bird!”
Me: “Yes, Jude, that’s right. That’s Big Bird.”
Jude (still pointing to Big Bird): “Yum”
Me: “No, Jude, we aren’t going to eat Big Bird.”
I made chicken casserole that night for dinner.

The week got marginally better although we had quite a few bedtime debates. Wednesday’s was particularly interesting when Jude insisted on wearing my bra to bed. She ended up winning that one as she had put it on in such a way I couldn’t figure out how to get it off her. Although when I woke up in the morning she had taken it off overnight. Some lessons you can never learn to early…

Thursday was the anniversary of the IAC meeting (261) that matched us 1 year ago. We celebrated with Ice cream. And making it to bed on time.

Yesterday evening I did some online shopping for her birthday next month. Having no solid idea of what she wanted I just scrolled through a few links I had saved until she went “Ooooo” then out came my debit card. This will be the 3rd birthday that she gets a doll, but I don’t know where the dolls from the previous 2 birthdays (as seen in photos) went.

Today things took a turn for the aquatic when I started up the washing machine and flooded a good portion of the basement. My 41 year old washer, it would seem, has gone to the great Kenmore Elysium.

But I have some awesome parents who let me borrow theirs and BOUGHT ME A NEW ONE.

That or they are a bit freaked at the concept of washing cloth diapers…


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