Post placement #1


We did it.

We have made it through the first post placement visit.

Pippen (the cat) has some obvious PTSD issues from the foster care days.

Like any sane person I spent most of yesterday cleaning. Nothing overly spectacular as I have a terrific chest cold but I must have been giving off a very specific “a social worker is coming here tomorrow” vibe because Pippen was particularly vocal and protective of Jude starting around her nap yesterday afternoon. He literally slept ON her last night (keep in mind Pippen weighs around 16 pounds and Jude is about 25 pounds now). He was yowling out the living room window all morning and when our social worker arrived he insisted on supervising the visit from atop the dining room buffet. Now that it is over he has finally settled down but I wonder how long Jude will live here before he understands that she is permanent.

The visit itself went really well. I didn’t cough up a lung and Jude was able to cope with us not being busy (by her standards) for 2 hours. I think the promise of going to the grocery store this afternoon (which is one of her favorite things to do) is keeping her behavior in check today.

But it is impossible to believe that we are already at this step. Post placement visits? It wasn’t even a year ago that I was still waiting for a referral.

Part of today’s visit was our home study update. And outlining a strategy for our second (and final) adoption of Jude’s little sister sometime in the next 2 years.


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