Maine Foreign Adoption Recognition


I know for a fact that this is the only information on the internet about this. Why? Because I spent nearly 2 years researching and never knew that this was an option. Turns out most people don’t.

Maine does recognize foreign adoptions in some cases. You do not always have to readopt. Of course, Maine doesn’t REQUIRE either but we all know that one or the other is a good idea.

Jude’s adoption was legal and binding in Bulgaria. This qualified her for a foreign adoption recognition in Maine which per the lady at the Kennebec County probate court would give me the same birth certificate for Jude that I would get with a readoption. Ok.

While I never got a solid quote readoption, which it seems would have required an attorney, would have cost us $500-$1000 or more and taken at least 2-3 months. The recognition will cost $71 in fees and took about 30 minutes to fill out 2 forms, I will need to get one notarized, then make an appointment within the next few weeks to go back and file them (nice lady at court will help me and make sure I filled them out correctly).

So, if you too are looking to do this you will be requesting (from probate court who handles adoption in Maine) the petition to recognize a foreign adoption paperwork. You should get 2 forms. The off-white one will need to be notarized. Costs $1 to pick it up $70 to file. You will need a copy of your adoption decree and foreign birth certificate to attach to the paperwork. If you didn’t change your child’s name before and wish to, this form allows it.

I have no idea why this information is not readily accessible anywhere. I couldn’t find it on any Maine government website and the probate court website which allows downloading of some forms doesn’t even allude to this form’s existence.

But I put it out there now. Hopefully one day I will save another adopting parent stress, aggravation, time and money.


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