3 months


It has been 3 months today since we picked up Jude.

3 months and yet a lifetime ago. Jude is doing phenomenally well but looking back here is what I can say about the first few months home.

The first few weeks were hard. The hardest. Things started drastically improving 10-14 days after we arrived home. Don’t ever plan or commit to do anything during this time. Don’t even plan to shower. It may not happen. And if it does you will be pleasantly surprised. Just don’t plan on showering in private. Ever again. Seriously.

Now I never saw the adoption honeymoon stage (as is often the case with toddlers) so things have always improved since day one. That isn’t to say despite how easy things have been that we haven’t seen a bit of totally outrageous behavior. We had our share of raging temper tantrums and institutional behavior but it has gotten way way way better.

One of the questions I get all the time is how is Jude’s English language acquisition coming along. Well, like most toddlers her pronunciation is not excellent but I can understand 90% or more of what she is saying and she is now at the point where she will repeat any word if she wants to.

She can balance on a board swing and hold onto the chains, she can climb a small ladder, drive a power wheel car, climb up and down stairs independently, dress and undress herself, brush her own teeth, sleep in a full sized bed…all things she couldn’t do 3 months ago.

She has become a full-fledged Mainer. She swam in our cold ocean water, ate a lobster, went to a lighthouse, got bug bites, did campfires, went hiking, got an LL Bean backpack with her name on it.

Autumn, here she comes…


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