The annual paperwork explosion


Ahhh September.

A time for Back to school, chilly nights, and in this house the annual adoption paperwork chase.

I gave it away, didn’t I?

It true that there is no paperwork chasing involved really after your child comes home. Jude’s first post placement visit with our social worker is scheduled for the end of this month. But there has been an ongoing dialogue within our family and I have made the decision and we are turning the post placement visit into a combination home study update.

I am going to adopt from Bulgaria once more.

Just not immediately.

Things will be quite different the next time around. I plan to identify a waiting child first THEN go with a placing agency. This will also allow me a little bit more control in selecting a child that will be a good match here, though I credit the ministry of justice for doing a perfect job last time.

We plan to get the ball rolling next summer once we have all settled in, however it made sense to make the move and update the home study again now. In the end we will save a lot of time and money.

And I have to again say that I have an amazing awesome home study agency. They have been with us since before we technically started and they are still here in this twilight zone year when we have no placing agency and are kinda doing things on our own. And they are 100% behind us taking one more crazy adventure back to Bulgaria. I love them.


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