The Developmental Plan


On Tuesday I met with a group of therapists for a few hours to work on a plan for addressing Jude’s delays. We finalized the details of the plan towards the end of the week.

Jude will be in one part of Maine’s early intervention services until the day before she turns 3 (ie mid November) so the current plan takes us to that point. We are simultaneously working on the transition over to the age 3-5 early intervention services. They are similar to each other but not exactly the same.

By the end of August Jude will start weekly sessions at home with a special educator. The sessions will last for an hour and will encompass parts of Speech, Occupational, and Physical therapy services. In addition Jude will be attending a 90 minute playgroup once weekly (we started on Thursday and had a great time). There are some specific goals for Jude that were discussed and her educator will work towards those goals during their time together. Outside of those times we, as a family, will continue providing a predicable calm and enriching environment and we hope to see great things over the next several months.

As I mentioned we will also be working on transitioning to the other side of early intervention services in Maine. The greatest differences for us is that after age 3 therapy appointments will take place at the providers’ offices. We feel pretty confident that if Jude continues along her current line of progress that she likely will not need Physical therapy services by late fall. She may still require some Occupational therapy. We expect to be with speech therapy for at least sometime.

The greatest challenge will come as Jude increases her vocabulary and ability to communicate daily for us to bring her cognitive skills up to par. Jude appears eager to learn and in activities in which language is not such a barrier she is quick to catch on. In helping Jude with learning I am finding that the Waldorf homeschool materials I chose were the perfect fit; with two exceptions. 1. A limited time watching Sesame Street seems extremely helpful and I must credit Elmo for Jude’s enthusiasm in learning to dress and undress herself (amongst other things) 2. Jude’s pal Violet (by Leapfrog) has gotten her interested in songs that are age appropriate and has helped increase her vocabulary. Not to mention that this toy saves my life EVERY SINGLE BEDTIME. Other than that she is an outdoor/nature girl through and through.


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  1. LOVE. Love. Love reading your updates! She is an amazing little girl and you are a great Mom! I can’t believe how much she has grown physically as well as in maturity in these few short weeks! Wow!

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